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Apple TV4 IP Driver

Apple TV IP Driver

Price: $ 86.90

Version 4.0

ATV4 Support is here!

This driver is an IR replacement driver for controlling the Apple TV4, which includes coverart, feedback and keyboard functionality!

Free up an IR port on your XP processor and avoid having to spend time running cable for the emitter!

Adds all the same commands as the IR remote:

  • Cursor control (up/down/left/right)
  • Menu
  • Select
  • Play/Pause

Plus a few more:

  • Jump to Home Screen
  • Context Menu
  • Play
  • Pause
  • Next
  • Previous
  • Shuffle
  • Repeat


The following feedback is available:

  • Online State
  • Paired State
  • Device Name
  • Config Name
  • Play
  • Pause
  • Shuffle
  • Repeat
  • Artist
  • Album
  • Track Name
  • Genre
  • Station Name
  • Movie/TV Synopsis
  • Track Length
  • Track Position
  • Coverart *

We recommend this driver is only used on modern processors (XP3/6/8s) as it requires a fair amount of CPU grunt to perform its magic.

The driver was written specifically to control the ATV4, however it will work with the ATV2 and ATV3 - the only downside is no coverart for the older models.

A few replies to the obvious questions:

Q: I already have a license for that other ATV driver you wrote, how do I upgrade/trade-in/basically not pay for it?
A: As long as you're still using the same XP processor (ie. the MAC address hasn't changed) your old license will continue to work with this new driver. You're welcome :)

Q: The ATV4 supports Apps. How do I make your driver launch Netflix directly?
A: Not possible. Although, Apple have hinted that big things will be in the next version of the iOS Remote app, so who knows...

Q: How do I use Siri via your driver? I've been yelling at my T1-B+ for the past hour... it's almost as if there's no microphone in the remote and it can't hear me?
A: Just keep yelling, I'm sure help will arrive soon :)

Q: Does coverart work with everything?
A: I've tested it with Apple Store Music, Apple Music, Apple Store TV Shows, Apple Store Movies, youTube, Stan and coverart/now playing data works fine. Netflix does not provide coverart or now playing information. I suspect they don't notify the ATV of what they're playing.

Q: Does the driver support two-step verification for Home Sharing?
A: No, you must disable two-step verification by visiting:

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